This study was designed to assess whether using pulse dosing (PD) (regularly cycled intermittent stimulation) of high-frequency 10-kHz spinal cord stimulation (10-kHz SCS) can reduce device recharge time while maintaining efficacy in patients with chronic intractable back pain with or without leg pain.

Chronic postsurgical pain (CPSP) can be caused by peripheral nerve injury (PNI) resulting from surgical procedures and has a significant neuropathic component. This prospective, single-arm study was conducted to document the effectiveness of 10-kHz spinal cord stimulation (10-kHz SCS) as a treatment for patients with CPSP.

This study aimed to assess the safety and effectiveness of a new charge-distributed multiphase stimulation paradigm during an extended spinal cord stimulation (SCS) trial.

Chronic abdominal pain (CAP) can arise from multiple conditions, including inflammatory disorders, trauma because of injury or surgery, or structural or functional causes. This prospective, single-arm study was designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of 10-kHz spinal cord stimulation (SCS) in patients with intractable CAP over a 12-month follow-up period.

The extended analgesic efficacy of intrathecal dexmedetomidine (ITD) has been investigated in a few clinical trials; however, there is a lack of conclusive evidence upon its ideal dosage.

Chronic pain is a common condition associated with decreased quality of life and increased health-care costs. Opioid analgesics are routinely used to treat chronic pain despite limited evidence of long-term efficacy. Spinal cord stimulation at a frequency of 10 kilohertz (10kHz-SCS) has been shown to be effective for treating chronic pain.0

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